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How to Prevent Your Ring Doorbell from Hackers

A ring doorbell is a modified smart doorbell that is installed to homes to alert homeowners when they visitors or intruders. A ring doorbell provides security through a video small hole that allows you to see who is at your door when inside the house or even far away from your house through the Wi-Fi to your phone. The security of your house can be compromised when criminals hack your ring doorbell device. In this article you will learn how to secure your ring doorbell from being hacked.

You need to secure your passwords. Having weak ring doorbell passwords is like handing over your home keys to burglars because they will not have any difficulty in accessing it. As soon as you install a new ring doorbell system, you need to change the default access passwords to your preferred password. You need to employ wisdom when choosing your new password so that no one can easily guess it. For a strong password, combine symbols, numbers, and alphabets and also ensure that you change the password often.

It is also important that you secure your router. In most case, the ring doorbell security system installed in your home will depend on the Wi-Fi network for internet access. It is therefore important that you configure your wireless router for maximum security. To correctly configure your router, change the default IP address and password set, use of default IP address and passwords will give the hackers an easier route to hack your security system. Always keep your Wi-Fi protected with a strong password to shun hackers away.

Put in place a system that has encrypted signals. You should ensure that you buy a security system that sends an encrypted signal so that the signals can only be read by an authorized device. It is important that you ensure encryption is enabled on all devices and even the Wi-Fi router serving the security system. A security system that does not have encryption activated can be accessed by third parties easily.

Install antivirus and avoid using public Wi-Fi network. Have antivirus installed on the computers that you use to have access to the security system, this will prevent any malware and other harmful software. When you use public Wi-Fi to access your security system, hackers will monitor you and finally, hack your system. When you want to access your security system use a private secured Wi-Fi that is not open to the public. The security of your system can easily be compromised by the use of public Wi-Fi because hacker is there to get your personal information such as passwords and emails.

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