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Cash for Cars Indianapolis, Indiana Zore’s Inc. is your solution to getting the most out of your clunker! For over 70 years, our auto salvage yard has paid out the highest returns for junk cars in Indianapolis, Indiana. Regardless of age or condition, we will pay you cash on the spot for your junk vehicle! As a family-owned and operated business since 1927, you can trust that we are honest and ethical junk car buyers who will give you the profit you deserve. But we don’t just pay cash for cars and trucks, we also accept vans, boats, jet skis, tractors, motorcycles, motor bikes, four wheelers, ATVs, buses, dozers, forklifts, and any other motorized commodities that operate on fuel. If it has an engine, we’ll buy it! Whether you’ve given up on an old fixer-upper from years ago, or need to get rid of an antique chassis in the backyard, we will give you an instant imbursement you are sure to be pleased with! Any Year – Any Make – Any Model – Any Condition WE PAY CASH! Aside from professional auto salvage services, Zore’s also hosts weekly car auctions and provides in-house towing services for broken-down or totaled vehicles. Our company was built on a foundation of integrity, quality, and respect, which means we are sincerely devoted to professionalism and customer care. You can that you are getting an honest and fair payment for your junk vehicle. Call our office at 317-247-8484 to learn how to sell junk cars for cash, today. Visit our Cash for Cars Website for more information about selling junk cars in Indiana.
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Simply put, we buy cars! Any car, including new cars, old cars, cars that are in good condition, cars that are not running, damaged cars and cars that cannot pass smog and emissions tests, are exactly what we are looking for. If you are an individual who owns a car, and are looking to sell it quickly, you’ve come to the right place. In most cases, our customers find that they can sell their car in less than an hour, and we give all of our sellers our ironclad guarantee that every sales transaction will be completed within the same business day.
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For over ten years, Cash for Cars Northwest has been paying cash for used, pre-owned, and unwanted cars all throughout Portland and the surrounding areas. Our staff is committed to no-hassle car removal services, giving you cash on the spot for your car, van, SUV, or truck. With our friendly, easy service there is no reason why you should spend the time, energy, or money trying to sell through the classifieds or to a used car dealer.
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Thinking of cash cars selling your junk car instantly? Well, you have come to the right place. We buy junks cars nationwide and we make it easy. We pick up the car at no cost, so you don’t have to bother with junk car removal companies or junkyards. Current scrap car prices are not as great as they used to be a few years ago; however, we may offer you better rates than your local junk yards. At, we offer to buy vehicles at all levels of damage, including junk cars. Want to sell your car cash? Just complete a quick online form about your vehicle, accept our price offer and send proof of identification and ownership. We arrange the pick-up and you get PAID!
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Home About Us Blog FAQ Contact Us Fast. Easy. Local. Don’t waste your time at a used car dealer or going through the classifieds. Sell your unwanted used, pre-owned car to Cash for Cars Northwest for instant cash. We provide free towing, friendly service, and you can get same day cash for your car.
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Fast. Easy. Local. Don’t waste your time at a used car dealer or going through the classifieds. Sell your unwanted used, pre-owned car to Cash for Cars Northwest for instant cash. We provide free towing, friendly service, and you can get same day cash for your car.
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Welcome to Cash for Cars where you can sell your car for cash, hassle-free. Located in the California Bay Area, we specialize in offering top dollar cash for your car, and giving you a broad selection of quality pre-owned vehicles to buy.
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As you can see, at Cash for Cars Portland, we make our customers our top priority. We strive to make the car selling process as painless as possible. If you are looking for car removal Portland services to haul your unwanted car away, contact Cash for Cars Northwest today. 482-5165.
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Cash for junk cars has become sort of a byword for selling any damaged, junk, salvage, broken-down or high-mileage, old car, truck, van or SUV. But, often times, places that buy cars for cash have a typical car sales force that isn’t positioned to make you the best offer for your trade-in car. They simply don’t understand the value of your older or wrecked car.
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Pick-n-Pull’s Cash For Junk Cars program buys unwanted vehicles so that the general public can make a few bucks while cleaning up their yards, driveways and garages. Unlike other programs, Cash For Junk Cars welcomes all makes and models of vehicles, domestic and foreign, running or not. We offer some of the highest prices paid for your vehicles.
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All of us at Milano’s Cash for Cars would like to welcome you to our site. If you want to sell your car with the least amount of hassle, you have come to the right place. At Milano’s Cash for Cars, we pride ourselves on being the experts in car buying. Where other companies complicate the process, we make it easy for you to sell your car and move on with your day.
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We specialize in helping you get rid of your old or wrecked car. We buy any cars for cash. For example, if you have a newer (or even brand-new) car, truck, van or SUV, say from 2012 or later, and you get into an accident, your car may not be wrecked enough from the collision for the insurance company to declare it a total loss. You may be able to get a check for the damage from the insurance and just sell your newer collision damaged car to us. Or, even if your car is totaled and you can “owner retain” it, we’ll make you an offer for that too. Same goes for older cars and cars with blown motor, blown head gasket, bad or slipping transmission and other mechanical or cosmetic problems. Basically, will give you an offer for your new, newer, average or older vehicle in pretty much any condition.
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Whether you have a car, truck, SUV or van, Cash for Cars Northwest will pay cash for your used vehicle today. We buy all makes and models in any condition throughout the Portland, Oregon metro area.
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Milano’s Cash for Cars isn’t a fly-by-night operation, or a business left behind by the times. We’re experts at what we do, and that’s making it easy to sell your car. Customer service is our top priority, and we will make sure you leave satisfied with the sale. You’ll be treated fairly and with respect, and you’ll be paid in cash for your vehicle. We believe in a core principle of providing a great service with less hassle, and we’ve found it leads to happy customers and repeat business.
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Milano’s Cash for Cars works with individuals in the San Diego area who want to sell their car. Selling a car can be a time consuming, frustrating experience when it’s not properly done. Here at Milano’s, we do everything possible to make the experience a pleasant one. We have methods in place to simplify the process, so that anyone can sell their car to us. Worried about paperwork? Don’t be. We will take care of it for you. Best of all, the entire transaction can be handled in one day. Come in with the car you want to sell, and leave with cash in your hand.
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Damaged Cars’s cash buys cover all makes and models of cars, so we’ll buy yours too. And we don’t care about any engine failure, broken timing chain or bad transmission – we will buy your car “as is”. No questions, no inspections
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Unlike other car buyers, we take literally any vehicle. Cars that do not run anymore, which have been damaged or totaled in a crash, or are otherwise ready for the scrap heap could be worth big cash. Simply log onto our website to get a quick and fair appraisal of your used vehicle. With decades of experience in the field of buying cars, we can quickly and accurate asses the fair market price for your used car. We understand that each car has its own special history and that’s why we only hire experts from the insurance and forensic fields, so that our customers can get the right price that their car deserves.

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