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Welcome to American Auto, your source for free auto transport quotes from top-rated auto transport companies. Whether you’re an individual or a business in need of vehicle shipping services, you can get free door to door auto transport quotes online through our free quote request form or over the telephone. You can receive quotes for any type of vehicle that rolls, brakes and steers, including motorcycles, ATV’s, RV’s, large pickup trucks, cargo vans and more. Feel free to call us at 1-800-930-7417 to speak to a live auto transport representative, who can answer your questions and get you the best rates from the best shippers in the industry today. You can also get free household moving quotes online or over the phone in addition to or in place of your auto transport quotes, so visit our website at or give us a call to see what American Auto Shipping can do for you.
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When I needed an auto shipping quote to get my car from Michigan to Oregon I went to American Auto Shipping and filled out their free car transport quote form. I was able to get different quotes from multiple auto shipping brokers. This ended up being a good thing because I saw quite a few that were really expensive and I was on a budget. When I got a call from Sarah, she told me that she could get me enclosed car shipping services for $1800, which I thought was really high. I really wasn’t prepared to spend that much, but Sarah told me that enclosed auto transport is more expensive than open shipping and the route to Oregon isn’t popular with the truck drivers.
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It was only a few years ago that a couple of car transport brokers tried and failed to copy our car shipping rate calculator. We even recognized our words and descriptions on their sites. Our car transport quotes calculator is a mathematical puzzle that those other cheap knockoffs have not solved. Direct Express Auto Transport has reportedly one of the lowest cancellation rates in the auto shipping industry, which only happens with hard work and a proven formula. We are rightfully proud of our success and know it is because our car transport rates calculator is spot on most of the time. Part of that is the quote calculator and the other part is human. Like a fancy sports car that can blow by the competition but is only as good as the person driving it, our quote calculator needs a driver. Somebody has to know what he’s doing, stay on top of the market, notice trends and punch in the proper numbers. Experience matters a great deal when it comes to auto transportation, ladies and gentlemen, and we have been doing this for over ten years. We know what it takes to ship a car fast and proper.
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My husband and I needed auto transport quotes because we were moving from Atlanta west to California. We found American Auto Shipping and immediately got multiple free car shipping quotes from about ten different auto transport brokers. It took me some time to talk to all those different brokers but I eventually found one I liked. That one was the quote I got from Sarah. It was right in the middle of all the other ones I received but was definitely in my price range. More than that, Sarah not only called me to talk about my auto shipping needs, but her quote was detailed, especially when talking about the services they offered. My husband and I agreed that Sarah’s auto shipping company was the right one for us.
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Knowing that they are competing against other auto shippers on the multiple quote lead providers list, they often low ball their price in a classic bait and switch. The customer is then left dazed and confused, stuck with a too low to ship price and lots of stress ahead. That is the dark side to the auto transport business and unfortunately it is not likely to go away. The best advice we can give is to not ever provide your email address or phone number until you are actually booking a shipment. Choose an auto transport broker that does not buy leads (like us) and you have probably found one that is not desperate and will provide accurate shipping quotes. Don’t book with any website where the auto shipping brokers know the customer is comparing several quotes at once. The downward pressure on auto shipping quotes on those sites is tremendous, and the truck drivers who actually do the work are likely to turn their nose up at that business. Carriers do not have to pick up any vehicle and won’t if the price does not conform to market rates. Multiple quote sites most often do not conform. For those reasons, the cancellation rates for multiple quote lead orders is horribly high, reportedly over 50%. That percentage of failure works for a baseball hitter and practically nobody else.
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In the example above, imagine being the guy who is doing the reverse and shipping from Florida in January. Going the opposite way and swimming against the tide, to use a metaphor. There would be a smaller supply of cars in Florida leaving in the winter, and therefore with heightened carrier demand, far too short a supply. That will serve to push down the price for car shipping services dramatically. The customer in Miami can probably get exceptionally fast car shipping service to New York or Boston at nearly half the normal rate. How about that! Our car transport quotes calculator automatically transitions for that scenario, which is classic supply and demand economics.
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Some auto shippers are known as auto transportation carriers. These auto transportation companies are the companies that actually move the vehicle on their own trucks.. Other auto transporting companies are known as brokerages, and they are the ones that will be arranging the vehicle transport between you and the carrier. Reliable auto transporters can be hard to find and we make it easy to find the best brokerages to handle your vehicle transport. When you fill out our free car shipping online quote request form, you will receive a different quote from ten different auto transportation brokerages in just an hour, making it fast and easy to arrange. All the auto shipping companies that you will receive quotes from are fully licensed and bonded, and the carriers that they use are all fully insured – those auto transportation carriers are required by federal law to carry $750,000 worth of insurance on their truck to cover any and all damages that occur. We can get you auto shipper quotes to ship from anywhere to anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, and all United States Territories.  Our auto transport quote request form has makes and models from not just all the top automobile companies but many automobile manufacturers that are no longer in business. When it comes to car transport, we know that people have vehicles from all different companies, so we make sure that we have as many vehicles as we can find so we can assist you.
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Factors That Affect the Cost to Ship Your Car Rate Variables Explained Distance Mileage and Range Your price is calculated by mileage relative to range (long or short). Longer distances have a lower per-mile cost to transport a car. Shorter distances mean more of the trucker’s time is spent picking up the load instead hauling the load, so that increases the cost of your delivery. Simply put, truckers make their money on the road. Population Metro or Rural This impacts the number of truckers traveling to a specific location. Transport to less populated areas will increase the price to ship a car. On average, higher-populated areas have more truckers driving through to transport vehicles. Requesting a Pick up or a Drop off in a rural area will affect your calculated quote because truckers will have to veer away from our most popular routes. Condition Operable or Inoperable Transporting non-drivable vehicles increases your rate. A drivable car is easily driven onto the carrier trailer. Non-operable vehicles are much harder to load, and they should still roll, brake, and steer. Additional accommodation is necessary for cars that do not roll. Make & Model Weight, Space, and Handling Determined by car Type, Size, and Model. Truckers have to account for the total weight they can haul and the space available on their truck. Longer and/or taller vehicles must be properly accommodated for in the transport trailer. Transport Type Open or Enclosed Open Transport is standard and does not affect the price to ship the car. Enclosed Transport is a minimum 25% higher rate. Enclosed Transport provides an extra level of protection for vehicles that need special care. This service is recommended for cars worth $50,000+, classic cars, or collector cars that are not regularly driven. Seasonality Route Popularity Market and seasonal demands affect route popularity and car shipping costs. The market supply and demand fluctuates along different routes based on seasonality and location. The direction of travel will also affect your calculated quote, as market supply and demand can be higher or lower along one way of a route as opposed to the other.

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