italian car brands

italian car brands

Italian Car Brands

Italian automobile industry has a long and glorious history, full of engineering innovations, great designs and motorsport victories. Manufacturers from Italy are best known for producing mass market compact models as well as luxurious sport cars. For many years Italian cars have been considered the benchmark in automotive engineering and design, with the FIAT models replicated by companies in the Soviet Union, Spain, Turkey and other countries, while such brands as Ferrari, Lamborghini or Alfa Romeo have set standards in supercar and racing car segments. Here is the list of active Italian car manufacturers.
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Italian Car Brands

FIAT, short for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili di Torino, is the largest Italian car manufacturer and one of the oldest brands in the industry, founded in 1899. The company has enjoyed success in compact class with Europe being the main market throughout the history. From 1908 the Italian manufacturer ran a plant in the United States and sold its vehicles in North America, but was forced to leave the continent in 1983 due to decreased reputation and, consequently, sales numbers.
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Italian Car Brands

Ferrari is believed to be one of the world’s best sports car. Beautiful, stylish, exquisite, it’s not for nothing that Top Gear names the brand “the most exotic, desirable and simply awesome builder of cutting edge supercars”, thus also topping the Italian car brands list.
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Italian Car Brands

Another classical representative of the elegant Italian cars style is Lancia. Founded in the beginning of the 20th century by a 25 years-old accountant, this car brand is evocative of the true Italian spirit, with an evident propensity towards beauty and well-traced contours.
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Italian Car Brands

De Tomaso was an Italian car manufacturing company founded way back in 1959. The company initially manufactured various prototypes of race and road cars, but then went on producing its own vehicles in 1970. The company even owned the famous Italian sports carmaker Maserati for quite some time, but then went into liquidation in 2004.
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Italian Car Brands

Let’s face it: whenever you hear of an Italian car, it is Ferrari and its prancing horse emblem that pop up to your mind in the first place. And it’s arguably the hottest car brand you can think of. It all started in 1929 when Enzo Ferrari founded Scuderia Ferrari to produce race cars. However, it was not before the end of World War II that he built his first street-legal car.
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Italian Car Brands

Lamborghini is Ferrari’s main rival and one of the few Italian car manufacturers, not owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Since 1998 it has been owned by Volkswagen Group through Audi AG. The company was established in 1963 by Ferruccio Lamborghini, whose aim was to compete against the best sports car manufacturers of the time. However, unlike most of its rivals, Lamborghini has never really got involved in motorsports apart from delivering its engines for Formula One teams and powerboat competitions.
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ATS Groep completed the electrical installation for the showroom and offices for a Belgian car dealer selling a leading Italian car brand. This electrical installation included the data cabling, lighting study, lighting, panel construction and system installation.
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In spite of its to die-for looks and the technicalities that make genuine petrolheads wish to own it, the car is known to suffer from definite technical problems. This has caused numerous image problems over the years, which ultimately determined for this Italian sports car brand to only manufacture 5 models at the moment.
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Part of the world famous trio of powerful Italian sports cars, Maserati was also born out of one family’s passion for cars. This car brand celebrated one hundred years of activity in 2014 and is definitely going strong for another several decades. All models make an impression with a distinctive combination of design and massive horsepower, but the last one – the Alfieri – is meant to challenge its exact equivalent from German car maker Porsche.
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Founded in 1999, Fornasari is an Italian car company that mainly specializes in manufacturing Buggies, SUVs and sports cars. Although the company hasn’t been able to produce many vehicles, they have been successful in introducing some famous concept and prototypes of vehicles that might be a huge hit in the future. The last car introduced by the company was the Fornasari RR99, which is a four-door SUV that has a horsepower of 610 and top speed of 174 MPH.
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Lancia is another honored Italian car manufacturer, subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Founded in 1906 by two Fiat racing drivers, Lancia earned reputation for introducing engineering innovations, classy designs and success in motorsports. The company takes pride in developing V-engines, independent suspension, presenting the first 5-speed gearbox and other contributions to the automotive industry.
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Italy is home to all three giants, as it is to a few more affordable manufacturers, such as Fiat, Alfa Romeo or Lancia, that have been an integral part of the European car heritage for over a century. The Italian automobiles are also popular for providing the best fuel efficiency cars in the world as lot of people look for fuel efficient cars due to hard economic times.
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This more recent Italian car company was set up in the sixties, in order to compete with fellow luxury sports cars Maserati and Ferrari. After having surpassed ownership by Chrysler in the early nineties, the brand entered giant Volkswagen in 1998 and from then on managed to maintain a great reputation.
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In 2001, this Italian car manufacturer was proud to announce the appearance of the Murcielago, one of the most renowned luxury sports vehicles of the 21st century. The model production was then quit in favor of the Aventador or the more recent Huracan.
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Covini Engineering is another popular Italian car manufacturer that mainly specializes in producing sports cars. The company’s most famous creation is the Covini C6W, which is perhaps the only vehicle with a 6-wheel configuration and two-front-axles. Apart from the C6W, the company is also famous for its production of the B24 Turbo-cooler and the T40 which gained a lot of popularity during the early 80s.
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Isotta Fraschini was one of the most popular Italian car manufacturers way back in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. The company was known for its production of the most prestigious and luxurious cars at the time and even now it is considered a great honor to own one of its vehicles. The company even produced marine engines, aircraft engines, and other items, but after World War II got seriously affected by the economic crisis.
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Lately, the car manufacturer has also set out to deliver one of the world’s most awaited hyper-hybrid car, Ferrari’s “magnum opus”, as Top Gear names it. In spite of the gigantic price, the 499 items the car was manufactured in have already found their possessors.
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Maserati is a renowned Italian manfacturer of luxurious executive cars featuring lavish interiors and potent powertrains. Their vehicles are easily identified by the trident on radiator grill and exquisite design. In 1914 The Maserati brothers founded an automobile company in Bologna to create competitive racing cars. The idea proved to be successful with their cars winning multiple races, being driven by some of the most glorious drivers in history, including Juan-Manuel Fangio.
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Pagani is a popular Italian manufacturer of carbon fiber and sports cars. The company was established in 1992 and has gained a lot of popularity since then, having introduced its Zonda, Zonda Cinques, and Tricolore series. If you are a fan of ‘Top Gear’, you might even want to check out the episode in which James May tested the famous Zonda Roadster F Clubsport, which is said to be one of the fastest cars in the world.
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Autobianchi was an Italian automobile manufacturer that was jointly created by Pirelli, Fiat, and Bianchi in 1955. The company was incredibly successful during its early stages and had produced a handful of models. However, due to a few problems, the company was unable to keep up with production and came to an end in 1995 by merging with the popular manufacturer Lancia.
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Not only is this impressive vehicle a trademark for luxury cars, it has also made history through its involvement with car racing ever since its beginnings, during the second half of the twentieth century. With a brand owner that has set up the grounds of the company based on his own car racing experience, it’s hard to imagine they don’t know what they’re doing.
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Gruppo Bertone, simply known as ‘Bertone’, is an automobile company that mainly specializes in car manufacturing, styling, and coachbuilding. The company was founded way back in 1912 and has created some exceptionally beautiful redesigns of popular models of top car companies, such as Alfa Romeo, Maserati, and Lamborghini. Among some of the most popular cars to have ever been created by the company is the Bertone Nuccio.

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