german car brands

german car brands

German Car Brands

Consortium Volkswagen AG is a flagship manufacturer of German automobile industry for many years. The company was founded in 1933, after Hitler ordered leading German car designers Jacob Werlin and Ferdinand Porsche to create safe and reliable automobile, which could become popular among common Germans. The to-be car was named “People’s car” or Volkswagen. Despite having relatively short history, the company has quickly established itself as one of the best-selling cars in the world. Its models Volkswagen Beetle and Volkswagen Type 2 have become symbols of 1960s generation. It has also obtained several car brands, including Audi, which testifies its financial well-being. More than that, Volkswagen has become one of the most environmentally friendly car manufacturers in the world, regularly allocating funds for the alternative energy sources research.
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German Car Brands

Every German brand has a long history of ups and downs, as they went through devastating war and severe economic crises. Having fought through every hardship they became true leaders and trend-setters of automotive industry, their technical and designing decisions are examples to follow. It is quite difficult to single out several best German cars, as each year German car manufacturers do their best in producing more reliable and powerful cars with appealing appearance. However there are some established German auto brands that are well known all over the world. Further we will list and describe several of them: BMW, Opel, Porsche, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Audi.
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German Car Brands

German car companies have a history of manufacturing high class vehicles where performance is more important than appearance. Following the “function over form” principle, German car brands focus on functionality and quality. These valuable qualities make Germany the leader of auto production in Europe, and place it among the top 5 countries in the whole world for vehicle manufacturing. With an annual output of 6 million, German cars are some of the most innovative vehicles in the world.
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German Car Brands

The different German automakers are recognized for producing the best automobiles in the world. Besides high-quality, German vehicles bring exceptional design, great technologies and unbelievable speed on the market. They are also known for providing an exclusive drive experience. The most popular makes come with an impressive collection of both sports and luxury cars, that are incredibly stylish and high performance vehicles. Continue reading to see the list of German car brands names, and logos of the companies that manufacture them.
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German Car Brands

We hope you liked our compilation of the top german car brands names, companies list, and logos. We tried our best to include all the manufacturers, but if you find any missing ones, or any errors please comment below to let us know. If you are interested, you can check out more car brands list organized by country.
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Volkswagen was founded in 1937 by Ferdinand Porsche. Back then, the German company was entirely composed of luxury cars, meaning that only one German out of 50 bought a vehicle. Known as “the car of the people”, the brand is known nowadays to produce the best German autos. Today Volkswagen remains a model of success, as it managed to acquire SEAT, Skoda, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti.
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Though German cars cannot be classed among the budget-friendly, their higher prices correspond to higher levels of build quality and low maintenance cost. The gears are certainly expensive, but you rarely need to change them actually. German cars can easily handle poor road conditions, which is especially important for countries with complex weather patterns. Speaking about appearance, ergonomics and quality, German cars are head and shoulders above the rest.
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From top of the line luxury cars to the reliable everyday car, German engineering has you covered. They are popular through out the world for their prestige, innovative design, and powerful engines. These highly desired features in combination with other great assets make German automobiles one of the top brand of cars out there.
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This is among the top German luxury car brands, one that has spread its influence well beyond the country of its origin. Popular models in the motorsport racing world are the Porsche 917, the 911 Carrera RSR, and the 935 Turbo.
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Audi AG was founded in 1932 by August Horch; the translation of his last name into Latin became the title of the company (German “Horch” means “listen” in Latin). Four car companies merged to become the Audi’s precursor company Auto Union, each one of them being eternalized in Audi’s logo of four interlinked rings. Audi’s slogan “Advantage through Technology” (Vorsprung durch Technik) reflects company’s never ending quest for excellence. Currently Audi, which is Volkswagen AG’s subsidiary company since 1966, is one of the leading European car manufacturers with production output comprising more than 1.7 mln. units per year. Audi produces the cars of most of the existing classes, such as business class (Audi A6), executive class (Audi A8), sports coupe and racing cars (Audi TT, Audi R8), CUV (Audi Q7, Q5).
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Volkswagen was founded in 1937, and its headquarters are located in Wolfsburg, Germany. This company has created some of the best cars in the world.  Volkswagen is German and translates to the “People’s Car”. Their company slogan is “Das Auto” which means “The Car”.
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“You do not smell the money behind the product,” Borgward Chief Executive Officer Ulrich Walker, 65, said in an interview in Beijing. Chinese consumers are getting more attuned to quality and safety in their automobiles, he said, and “want to show their success with a foreign brand, and if that’s a German brand representing German engineering, even better.”
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There are at least three reasons behind exemplary quality of German cars. Firstly, German auto companies work diligently to attract some of the best engineers from all over the world, who then put their whole soul into the work to produce best cars.
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Some of the top models of Audi are the classic car names Quattro, TT Coupe, A3, TTS, and R8. Audi is also known for their motorsport cars. The classic Quattro was released in 1980, and it went on to be a rally winning car. Some considered the Quattro the most significant car in rally racing history.
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Isdera, officially known as ‘Ingenieurbüro für Styling, Design und Racing’ is one of those German car companies that was privately owned. The company focuses mainly on producing sports cars that are built by a small team of craftsmen. And you know what the fun part is? One of the vehicles has also made its appearance in ‘Need for Speed II’, the popular racing video game released in 1997.
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Adler was among the few German car manufacturers to gain popularity during the early 1900s. They successfully manufactured a total of 30 vehicles, all of which were unique in their own way. Apart from vehicles, the company also produced a range of other items, including typewriters, bicycles, and motorcycles.
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Borgward was a popular German Automobile Manufacturer back in the late 30s. The company was established in Bremen and was quite successful for a long time. It was able to produce four separate car divisions, all of which were highly impressive. These included the Lloyd, Goliath, Hansa, and Bogward itself. The automobile manufacturer ended because of bankruptcy.
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Borgward, the Bremen car brand revived by a state-owned Chinese bus maker after going bust in 1961, has surprised many including its own CEO by racking up more than 30,000 units in sales for its first model over eight months. The winning formula: touting its German heritage while saying as little as possible about its Chinese backers.
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They claim that they’ve create the car of the people, and I have to agree with them. Of the German made cars out there, these truly stand the test of time.
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This German luxury car making company has been around for more than a century. It is definitely the oldest auto makers in existence. Known in the auto industry for its limousines, which can be seen in the most famous movies, Mercedes Benz produces some of the best vehicles in the world. Since the beginning, Mercedes has lead the market with an innovative combination of style and technology. With time, the company garnered an extensive list of models including luxury cars, trucks, buses, limousines and vans.
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The innovations brought about by this company influenced various other manufacturers and American car brands, in addition to others around the world. Their high end luxury cars provide all the bells and whistles that one person could hope for, as well as the reassurances of top of the line safety features.
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Take a wild guess again! Yes, as you can see from the picture above, DKW was an automobile manufacturer that merged with Auto Union AG. The company, before the merger, introduced its first steam car in 1919 and then later after merging with Auto Union released its last car in 1966. Apart from automobiles, the company was also a famous manufacturer of motorcycles.
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These are the most popular car manufacturers from Germany, that include BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Porsche. As you can see, most of these manufacturers are luxury car makes, and have greatly increased the standard of automobiles worldwide.

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