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Upon arrival, customers shall go to departure floor (upper floor), outside Terminal 2, then wait for the mini-van with Firefly logo. Customers are kindly requested to call Firefly desk: +39.349.0744.540.
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Please note that from 15 Nov to 15 Apr many cities are required by law to restrict the circulation to only vehicles equipped with snow chains or winter tyres. For a summary of the orders, please visit To comply with the regulations, in specific locations subject to this requirement, vehicles are equipped with snow chains – the price is included in the rental charges through the cost of ‘Winterization Fee’. At pick-up if you decide to bring your own snow chains or do not intend on driving on the roads subject to this requirement, you may decline the equipment by signing the appropriate release form. This change will be reflected in the rental charges. For more information on the fees, please click here. In all other regions, we recommend that you check before renting if your journey includes one of the roads subject to this requirement and therefore reserve the snow chains, if necessary.
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You can also take full advantage of your Spanish hire car by breaking up your holiday and staying in different locations, or exploring Spain on a driving tour. You can even use your Spanish hire car to visit Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, for a few days. Hiring a car means that you can plan trips without being restricted by public transport timetables.
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Although Spanish cities like Madrid, Seville and Barcelona have plenty to offer, hiring a car will allow you to explore the surrounding areas properly. If you hire a car when you’re in Spain, you can use one of the cities as a base and visit local World Heritage Sites, beaches and national parks.
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If you want to work on your tan, visit Alicante or Valencia where wide, golden, sandy beaches are in abundance. Spain also has many ski resorts in the Pyrenees and the La Rioja regions if skiing or snowboarding is your thing. Once you’ve decided what you want out of your holiday, you’ll find that it’s much easier to get around if you rent a car. You can base yourself in one place and then go wherever you want, whenever you want.

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