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Listed here are the iconic cars seen in the movies from The Fast And The Furious franchise. These cars were pimped and enhanced to make them look as cool as possible for the silver screen. The best cars in the film series became just as important as the actors. Souped-up sports cars, muscle cars and motorcycles tearing up the streets of major American and international cities are what The Fast and The Furious series is all about. Are you a Fast and Furious super fan? You should probably check out this Fast and Furious trivia and see if you really are as Furious as you say you are. If you pass that test, relive Furious 7 with these awesome Furious 7 quotes! This is an extensive list of all the coolest cars used in The Fast and The Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift, Fast & Furious, Fast Five, Fast & Furious 6, Furious 7, and The Fate of the Furious. The final film in the car-racing franchise, Furious 7, is not only a thrill ride for car aficionados, but also a moving tribute to the late Paul Walker, the beloved actor who died in a car crash, with only half of his scenes for this movie completed at the time. This franchise became so popular not just because of its over-the-top action sequences but because audiences around the world fell in love with the characters. We all feel like we’re a part of the “family” too. why don’t you take a look and see who other fans voted their favorite Fast and Furious series characters and you can vote for your favorite as well!
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Welcome to your Fast and Furious movie car headquarters. Here you’ll find photos, videos and feature stories on all the vehicles in Furious 7, Fast and Furious 6, as well as the cars in the last three Fast and Furious movies. From Dom’s black Charger to the cars of Tokyo Drift and the Nissan GT-Rs, we’ve got them all. Enjoy.
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The upcoming release of Fast & Furious marks the return of both Vin Diesel and Paul Walker to the franchise that helped make them stars. For that matter, Michelle Rodriquez and Jordana Brewster are returning too. That’s all well and good for the original cast to make their franchise comebacks, but for some of us, the Fast & Furious movies are really just about the cars. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favorite cars from each chapter in the series. We’ve picked out eight cars from each movie, and put them in a rough order that corresponds to when you see them on screen. Just think of this as RT’s Fast & Furious “dream garage,” and make sure to let us know which of these you would most like to have hidden away in your own garage.
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You know you're eagerly anticipating Fast & Furious 6 just as much as we are. While the new movie is mostly set in the UK, don't worry — there's still plenty of American muscle to be appreciated. This series has always been strong in that department, as well as with Japanese tuners. Now Europe is in the game, and it's glorious. In anticipation of the next two hours of Fast & Furious 6 car porn, come with us as we review The Most Significant Cars in the Fast and the Furious Movies in order of the movies in which they appeared.
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In Fast & Furious 6, Dominic once again encounters Hobbs, who offers him a job to help him hunt down mercenary Owen Shaw and his crime syndicate, revealing that Letty is alive meaning Fenix must have failed to kill her and is working for Shaw. Dominic and Brian reassemble their gang (minus Rico and Tego, whom both are in Monaco) in London for this mission in exchange for a full pardon on all parties and Letty’s safe return. During the chase, Dominic is shot by Letty, and later on discovers that she is suffering from amnesia as a result of the explosion that nearly killed her in Fast & Furious. He saves her from falling to her death while the gang stops Shaw aboard a military tank on a bridge in Spain. Shaw, however, reveals his backup plan of kidnapping Mia and using her as leverage for his release and the handing of the top-secret microchip that was removed from the tank. Despite the death of Gisele, Dominic and his gang defeat Shaw and kill his men while saving Mia and the microchip in a daring chase at a NATO military airfield. Hobbs grants their pardons, and Dominic and his gang move back to his home in L.A. Seeing Dominic and Letty back together for good, Elena bids him farewell and returns to working with Hobbs. In a post credit scene, Owen Shaw’s elder brother, Deckard Shaw, kills Han in Tokyo and calls Dom with a threatening message.
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Love them or hate them, the movies in “The Fast and the Furious” franchise deliver on what they promise: gratuitous action and lots of cars. The plots may only hold water until you start to think about them, but each film seems to outdo the last in terms of physics-defying stunts and the rarity and quality of the sheetmetal on screen. With hundreds of cars featured over the years, it’s tough to choose just a handful. Nevertheless, here are our top 20 cars from the first six films.
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In Furious 7, it was revealed that Owen Shaw is still alive, and his older brother Deckard Shaw went rogue and hunts Dominic’s team, which resulted in Han’s death (this explains why he died in Tokyo Drift, bridging the story here) and his house being blown up. Determined to exact revenge on Shaw, Dominic decided to take him down alone, but was stopped by a Covert Ops leader and Hobbs’ friend Mr. Nobody. Mr. Nobody offers Dominic a way to hunt Shaw by obtaining a software named “God’s Eye” and save its creator named Ramsey from Mose Jakande and his men. Agreeing to the deal, Dominic, Brian, Letty, Tej and Roman led a daring rescue to Ramsey at the mountains of Azerbaijan and succeeds in doing so. Afterwards they figured out that the device was lend to a friend of Ramsey who lives in Abu Dhabi named Zafar. After a successful retrieval of the God’s Eye (that also involved Dominic and Brian made a vehicle jump on three buildings), they found Shaw’s hideout but also got into a surprise ambush that killed Nobody’s men and him being injured. Afterwards, Dominic decided to take down the alliance of Shaw and Jakande on their home turf. This also led to Dominic and Shaw have an intense fight at the rooftop of a parking garage while Brian led the others to lure Jakande while Ramsey initiating a hack to shut down God’s Eye for good. They succeeded in doing so but also paid with a huge destruction in the city and the death of Jakande when Dominic let his car crash on Jakande’s chopper and hooking a bag of grenades on its skids before crashing his vehicle, thought that he died in the process. This prompts Letty’s memories of her and Dominic restored (and also reveals that they were indeed married to each other somewhere in between the story of Los Bandoleros and Fast & Furious) and Dominic recovers from being unconscious. After this, Brian decides to retire from the crew in order to spend time with his family. Dominic leaves without saying goodbye, prompting Brian to catch up to him at an intersection and have one last drive before parting ways.
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2001 BMW M5 German cars get no love in the Fast & Furious series. BMWs and Mercedes show up in races only to be wrecked, both as race cars and obstacles. Which is a shame, because the M5 is a great car. We can only hope that the next chapter embraces the European tuning scene. But maybe that’s what the Transporter series is for.
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In Fast & Furious he sees that Letty has rebuilt it for him, as she was hoping that he would return to the United States. Later in the film, Dom takes it to Mexico and shields Brian’s car with it, but destroys it by running into a stack of propane canisters in the tunnels. In the final scene of the film, Brian is shown to have rebuilt it, and Dom recognizes the sound of the engine while riding in a prison bus. In Fast Five, it is shown that Brian brakes in front of the bus, causing the bus to collide with it and flip. Dom uses it throughout the film to win cars to test for their vault heist. Meanwhile, Hobbs uses it to track the location of Dom’s gang by having his men check camera feeds for a 1970 Charger. When Hobbs comes to arrest Dom, he crashes his Gurkha F5 into his Charger, cutting it in half, which triggers a fight between the pair.

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