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consumer reports cars

Consumer Reports Cars

The Consumer Reports 2016 Car Brand Report Cards ranks automakers across the world by reliability, road test performance and other factors. Audi topped the list, followed by Subaru, Lexus, Porsche and BMW. At the bottom of the list was Fiat, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Land Rover and Chrysler. The publication ranked the carmakers with an overall score, which was a combination of each brand’s road test score and average reliability score. The road test score factored in the average results from Consumer Reports’ many tests on the cars, and a reliability rating provides a guide on how likely the cars from each brand are likely to hold up on average. Not all automakers were factored into Consumer Reports’ study. Jaguar, Maserati, Ram, Smart and Tesla did “not have sufficient data” to be reviewed by the publication. Lexus topped the publication’s list last year. View the 2015 best and worst car brands here. Check out the full report on Consumer Reports’ website here.
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Consumer Reports Cars

Hollis Johnson The results of Consumer Reports’ latest Annual Reliability Survey are out, and Lexus and its parent brand, Toyota, repeated their 1-2 finish in last year’s survey. The survey is based on information gathered from the publication’s subscribers who have “owned or leased over half a million vehicles, from model years 2000 to 2016, with a smattering of 2017s, covering more than 300 models.” The survey ranked 29 brands. Consumer Reports categorized the top eight brands as “more reliable,” while brands ranked ninth through 18th were classified as “reliable.” The 11 brands at the bottom of the rankings were categorized as “less reliable.” Check out the complete rankings at Consumer Reports. View As: One Page Slides
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Consumer Reports Cars

If you’re looking for a cool car, today’s Challenger is almost as appealing as cars from the classic era. However, you will have to sacrifice big on reliability if you choose a model from earlier this decade. According to Consumer Reports, Challengers from 2015 are among the least reliable cars around due to problems with body finish and power equipment. An earlier study pointed to the 2013 and 2014 model years as well.
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Consumer Reports Cars

To be a Top Pick, a model has to have an exemplary Overall Score in its category. That score comes from Consumer Reports‘ four key pillars: road-test performance, predicted reliability, owner satisfaction and safety. Each car is also road tested and rated based on over 50 evaluations done at the publication’s 327-acre Auto Test Center, ranging from instrumented track tests to assessments of comfort and convenience while in daily use by Consumer Reports‘ staff.
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Consumer Reports Cars

The highest-scoring vehicle on Consumer Reports‘ road test is the Audi Q7, earning a score of 96. The seven-passenger SUV is the highest-rated SUV Consumer Reports recently tested, feeling more like a luxury sedan than an SUV. The cabin is quiet and has all the luxury amenities you would expect from Audi, with premium trimmings and road-trip-friendly seats. And despite its size, the Audi Q7 is quite agile, with excellent brakes to bring it to a stop.
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Consumer Reports Cars

For all the love and praise lavished upon Model S, Consumer Reports took an almost instant dislike to the Model X electric SUV. Calling the 2016 edition “fast and flawed” in a headline, the agency’s testers called out weaknesses in the falcon-wing door design and general reliability. As it has with so many all-new models, Consumer Reports suggested avoiding the ’16 Model X on the used market and waiting for the automaker to work out the kinks.
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Consumer Reports Cars

With an overall score of 64, road test score of 73 and worse than average reliability rating, Acura was ranked No. 19. Consumer Reports said of Acura, “Honda’s premium brand makes cars and SUVs positioned above the mainstream but below Lexus and the European luxury competitors.”
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Consumer Reports Cars

With an overall score of 58, road test score of 76 and worst reliability rating, Cadillac was ranked No. 24. Consumer Reports said “GM’s flagship brand builds cars and SUVs with edgy styling and impressively finished interiors. Recent models have had a focus on reduced weight and improvements in handling.”
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When it comes to traditional cars, the Chevrolet Impala scored highest on Consumer Reports’ road test, earning a score of 91. Roomy, supportive seats greet driver and passengers along with intuitive controls and ample truck. And despite its size, the Impala’s handling is responsive and secure, while road imperfections are effectively absorbed to give a ride you’d expect from a more expensive luxury sedan.
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Overall, Ford had nine models show up among the worst for reliability, but its small cars had the worst performance of any Blue Oval segment. Ford Fiesta from model years 2011 to 2014 stood out in particular. Its primary issues centered on the transmission, body integrity, and audio system. Ford compacts scored far below average in Consumer Reports rankings at the start of the decade.
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Ford’s reliability issues were by no means limited to the brand’s small cars. The 2012 Expedition, 2016 Escape, and 2010 Taurus scored well below the average in Consumer Reports rankings over the years. Additionally, Ford’s world-beating F-Series line ran into a few snags in Super Duty (F-250) models from 2008, 2010, and 2014. Fuel system, transmission, powertrain, and brake troubles particularly plagued models from 2008 and 2010. They should be avoided on the used market.
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After 2011, the Audi A4 showed steady improvement in reliability ratings, especially in the engine and electrical system. Prior to these upgrades, A4 was a troubled car. Consumer Reports called out the 2009 and 2010 editions as used cars to avoid, but ’07 and ’08 are right there with them. In the current decade, steer clear of the 2014 model.
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Every GMC vehicle in existence turned up on the list of unreliable cars of the past decade. GMC Acadia SUVs from model years 2007 to 2014 took the dishonor of being worst of the bunch. Consumer Reports said to avoid all eight editions of this truck on the used car market. Major transmission problems, drivetrain issues, and climate system malfunctions plagued Acadia for most of the decade in question.
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With an overall score of 78, road test score of 80 and better than average reliability rating, Subaru was ranked No. 2. Consumer Reports said the brand “has been synonymous with unpretentious, practical, and affordable all-wheel-drive cars.”
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With an overall score of 72, road test score of 75 and better than average reliability rating, Kia was ranked No. 9. Consumer Reports said “Kia delivers stylish and competent cars often sold for less than the competition.”
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With an overall score of 67, road test score of 76 and average reliability rating, Volkswagen was ranked No. 15. Consumer Reports said “VWs are mostly solid, responsive, and fun-to-drive cars, with a more premium feel than their competitors. They typically have agile handling, a firm and comfortable ride, supportive seats, and good fit and finish.”
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With an overall score of 64, road test score of 75 and worse than average reliability rating, Chevrolet was ranked No. 20. Consumer Reports said of Chevrolet, “The down-home American brand sells a full lineup, from subcompacts and family sedans to large SUVs and pickups. For the most part, sedans such as the new Malibu and Impala are compellingly quiet and comfortable.”
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With an overall score of 63, road test score of 71 and average reliability rating, Nissan was ranked No. 21. Consumer Reports said “of the major Japanese brands, Nissan has had the most inconsistent product line. The better models deliver strong performance along with impressive fuel economy, through widespread use of continuously variable transmissions.”
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With an overall score of 63, road test score of 76 and worse than average reliability rating, Infiniti was ranked No. 22. Consumer Reports said “the premium Infiniti division comprises some unique models and some dressed-up Nissan derivatives. Fit and finish is usually very good, and the powertrains are strong. But recently, Infinitis haven’t impressed us overall.”
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With an overall score of 60, road test score of 71 and worse than average reliability rating, GMC was ranked No. 23. Consumer Reports said “GMC’s models are rebadged, upscale twins to Chevrolet’s SUVs and trucks. They all offer an even higher-end, more luxury-laden Denali trim level. In most cases, that means the similar Chevrolet truck can be a better bargain.”
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With an overall score of 58, road test score of 73 and worse than average reliability rating, Dodge was ranked No. 25. Consumer Reports said “Part of the Chrysler family under Fiat’s ownership, Dodge has been cast as a performance brand, exemplified by the Viper sports car, Charger sedan, and Challenger coupe.”
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With an overall score of 58, road test score of 73 and worse than average reliability rating, Chrysler was ranked No. 26. Consumer Reports said of Chrysler that “reliability has been a major weakness of every FCA brand of late.
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With an overall score of 55, road test score of 71 and worst reliability rating, Land Rover was ranked No. 27. Consumer Reports said that “while they evoke an image of conquering undeveloped lands, in reality Land Rovers are more likely to be seen roaming country-club parking lots.”
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With an overall score of 51, road test score of 46 and an average reliability rating, Mitsubishi was ranked No. 28. Consumer Reports said of Mitsubishi that “every one of its models is an also-ran in our road tests, scoring near the bottom of their respective categories.”
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With an overall score of 43, road test score of 55 and worst reliability rating, Jeep was ranked No. 29. Consumer Reports said “the very essence of rugged, go-anywhere vehicles, Jeeps have a long history of customer loyalty despite lagging in reliability, fuel economy, comfort, and interior fit and finish.

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