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BMW 116d Efficient Dynamics 5dr – Setting The Record In Fuel Economy

Superb craftsmanship of the BMW 1 Series, which was launched eight years ago, tailored a running good fortune for the German automobile manufacturer. The BMW 1 Series has certainly carved sturdy branding within the worldwide automobile market. In 2011, the second generation of the series was launched to increase the lineup especially within the 5-door variant of the compact hatchback. On the spotlight this year is the BMW 116d Efficient Dynamics 5dr, which is a successor to the 116d originally marketed in 2011. While the Efficient Dynamics edition may need toned down a bit on certain specs compared to the original 116d, the present BMW vehicle compensates by bettering tremendously on potency and sustainability.

Core Running Features
The BMW 116d Efficient Dynamics 5dr runs on diesel powered by a 1,598 cc I4 Turbo engine with 6-velocity manual transmission. Although the latter sports a smaller directly four-cylinder diesel engine elegance compared to its predecessor that houses a 1,995 cc engine, clever design enables the two versions to give engine power of up to 116 PS with surprisingly the comparable torque functionality at 260 Nm. The creation prowess of BMW is carried over to this edition with its proprietary Twin Power Turbo technology. This coupled innovation comprises the turbocharger and the direct injection technologies. The turbocharger enables variable intake geometry, and direct injection with Common Rail design is supported by solenoid valve injectors for a maximum injection rigidity of up to 1600 bar.

In terms of acceleration, the 116d Efficient Dynamics edition can reach a velocity of 100 kilometers per hour in 10.5 seconds giving the original 116d a completely slight accelerating advantage at 10.three seconds. When it comes to top velocity, the present edition can go as brief as 195 kilometer per hour with the 2011 version at 200 kilometers per hour which is most often just another slim advantage. In average fuel consumption, nevertheless, the present 116d is tremendously more productive at three.8 liters for every 100 kilometers. Along with awesome fuel economy, carbon dioxide emissions are tremendously reduced as effectively rated at 99 grams per kilometer. This rating qualifies the 2012 116d to the EU5 emissions standard making the Efficient Dynamics edition a favourite among vehicle insurance corporations.

Keys to Efficiency
Aside from integrating a fuel-productive engine, the BMW 116d Efficient Dynamics 5dr maximizes comfort in fuel consumption with its optimized power coach to give the best running operation. Exterior aerodynamics of the automobile additional reduces drag to enable a smoother drive namely along the open highway where air resistance is strongest. BMW also equips the 116d with engineered tires that effortlessly to the least rolling resistance.

Through years of research and progress, the top rate on potency didn’t compromise driving comfort. Advanced suspension technology of the 116d supplies a high-quality balance of agility and comfort suited for most, if not all, driving conditions. Stabilizers in reaction to spring axles complement the 5-arm rear axle for maximum comfort of all the passengers. For the driving force, steering is supported by precise electromechanical power for making certain sporty agility along with Servotronic technology. As with the rest of the fashions within the BMW 1 Series, the 116d enjoys the inherent benefits of the rear-wheel drive by additional balancing the weight throughout the vehicle to acquire 50 by 50 proportion.

Of course, the BMW 116d Efficient Dynamics 5dr edition doesn’t overlook infotainment with optional functionalities such as mobile Internet access to allow streaming files to the essential leisure panel. The essential panel also permits effortless regulate of alternative on-demand ancillary items including air flap, oil map, and air conditioning compressor. Overall, this 2012 Efficient Dynamics edition of the 116d lives up to its name and just lately has been reaping awards in point of fact profitable to vehicle owners such as zero-pound highway tax, full write down allowance, and guaranteed free entry to the set up congestion charging zone in London.