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racin jason on flickr See Also How the Walmart shareholders meeting went from a few guys in a coffee shop to a 14,000-person, star-studded celebration 9 ways I trick myself into going to the gym Here’s what it’s like to attend Walmart’s 14,000-person shareholders meeting, a 3-day extravaganza A logo is a loaded design. It must be iconic, synonymous with a company’s brand, and inspire trust in a product. A good car company logo should do all of these things, while also communicating power, reliability and prestige. Some logos even include a nod to the company’s history. We’ve gathered 11 car company logos and explained their origins. One is based on the ancient chemical symbol for iron, another on a constellation in the Japanese sky. All have been resoundingly successful. Click here to see the logos > » View As: One Page Slides Click here to see the logos > »
car company logos 1

We all know that a logo is a symbol that is used to identify a company and that appears on its products, so we did the largest collection of all logos from the best car brands in the world. These car logos are recognizable all over the world. Logos can show a lot about how big a brand is. You only see it and judge how it is, it’s a luxury or a simple one. You can clearly find the design of the brand on it’s logo. Here you can find the largest collection from A-Z.
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A logo embodies a brand, a culture, a state of mind. It can be a way to remember something unmemorable or memorialize an icon. As car logos go, most are pretty cool – and memorable. Sure there are a few duds (Ford, GM, Honda), but a lot of logos are intricately designed and well thought-out. Today, we offer the 25 coolest logos currently featured on production vehicles. From the iconic Ferrari shield to the lesser-known Peugeot prancing lion, we hit all the bases.
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This is a compilation of an all car brands list of names and logos for all car companies worldwide. In this list, you will find the most popular automakers, other active auto manufacturers and the non active makes by each country. For now, we are just providing you with a list of of all car companies names, but we will be adding the logos, and detailed information on each automobile manufacturer soon.
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In addition to being an essential part of advertising and brand identity, car company logos provide a powerful visual image for auto consumers. Each automobile manufacturer has a unique logo, many of which have changed dramatically over the years. In some cases, these logos are tied to the company’s history in surprising ways.
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Car logos can speak a lot about the reputation of a particular car. Just by looking at the logo, a person can already have an idea whether it’s a luxury car, a sports car, and so on and so forth. A lot of old car companies also rely a lot on their emblem. They work hard to make that emblem have like a life of its own; their customers can take pride by having that logo in their car.
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Car company logos can provide interesting insights about the history of the automotive industry, and they are a very important part of consumer brand identification. Next time you pop your hood to check your car’s oil or refill the washer fluid, take a glance at the logo as well. This symbol represents where your car’s manufacturer has been and where it’s going in the future.
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A good car company logo should do all of these things, while also communicating power, reliability and prestige. Some logos even include a nod to the company’s history.
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A car logo is like a sort of autograph of a car manufacturer, but the logo is even more symbolic and informative. Just a glance at this small emblem can give you an idea of whether it’s a sports car or luxury car, it speaks much about the brand’s image and reputation and the most acquisitive minds can even capture the historical marks. A logo certainly gives zest to a car and that’s why automakers try to invent a peculiar and exquisite visual image to make their cars special and easily recognizable among others.
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When a company sets out to design their logo, there are number of psychological factors than go into it. Many of these logos have a story behind them, but ultimately the design is supposed to resonate with you on a psychological level. Let’s explore the factors that go into designing a logo.
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The term “logo” comes from the Greek word “Logos” which means “word.” The process starts here because you’re creating a visual word that not only says something, but it also embodies it and represents it. Ultimately the psychology of your logo entails how the sight of it trigger past experiences, memories, and opinions.
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While some places will tell you that each color has a distinct emotion attached to it, that’s simply not the case. Colors have a variety of psychological emotions attached to them and it’s these emotions that come through when you see them. While it may be tempting to throw in as many colors as possible, ultimately logos tend to use only a couple so as not to distort the message of the brand.
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It is not for nothing that Ferruccio Lamborghini, the world famous Italian manufacturer of luxury sports cars, has chosen a raging bull as a distinctive emblem for his cars. Being a Taurus by zodiac sign, Lamborghini has also had a passion for bullfighting. He was greatly impressed by the bulls of Spanish breeder Don Eduardo Miura and began to put gold charging bulls on his cars emphasizing their power, force and grace. Moreover, many Lamborghini car models got the name of famous bulls: Lamborghini Islero, for example, was named in honor of the animal which killed renowned matador Manolete in 1947.
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The modern logo of this Korean General Motors brand still bears the crown-shaped emblem from the company’s early days. The shape is similar to that of a now defunct, but once popular, football club in South Korea.
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Rolls Royce logo is quite simple at first hand but looks really stylish and professional. It depicts two “R”s which are company’s initials. The letters are put closely together stressing warm friendship between the two founders Charles Rolls and Henry Royce. It is known that the badge on initial Rolls Royce models was colored in red but it changed for black afterwards. As the fame runs, the black color was chosen to express grief after Royce’s death in 1933. However, some reliable sources report that Royce changed the color himself because red badges faded with paint coating.

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